Company Training

Health in your workplace

Do your employees have many sick days or is the energy not at its peak in the office landscape? Regular exercise and a healthy diet are a proven natural energy booster and one of the best tools we have to strengthen the immune system. Help your employees become more energized through a company training course with me.

If you have a gym in your workplace, I would like to come out once, twice, or three times a week to work out with you. During your course with me, we will focus on your needs and goals and together will find a plan that is realistic, results-oriented and fun. 

If you do not have a fitness center and are still interested in training, we can do group training together outside, or train together in the fitness center where I work.

The training can either take place as team training or individual training, where you can book yourself in for a number of sessions.  

Possible options:

  • Team training once per week 3 - 10 participants
  • Team training 2 times per week 3 - 10 participants 
  • Individual training day of 6 - 8 hours once per week 
  • Individual training day of 6 - 8 hours 2 times per week 

If you have other needs, we can find a solution! Book a meeting or contact me for a quote. 

Are you ready to get started?