Personal Training

What is personal training?

Personal training is fun, motivating, goal-oriented and safe one-on-one training, where we train together a few times a week. 

A personal training program will enable you to learn proper technique for all exercises from machines to complex movements with free weights, with a goal of preventing injuries. Personal training can also be for those who need a regular training partner, and help with designing a suitable and effective program, or for those who need an extra little push to reach their goals.

I am associated with the fitness center Sporting Health Club (SHC) at Nørrebro, right next to Borups Allé. SHC offers exclusive, modern facilities that provide the perfect atmosphere for a fun and serious training. 

What can I get out of a personal training package?

Training courses can have different purposes, but the goal is always that you should have a good experience with your training and move closer to achieving your goals. In my programs we always strive to achieve the following overall goals:

  • Safe, fun and results-oriented training
  • Self-confidence and a sense of being comfortable in the gym
  • Healthier lifestyle and good habits
  • Motivation, structure and inspiration for continuing training

Most popular packages

In my personal training programs, it is important that we choose a focus for your training together. I offer for
for example weight loss, rehabilitation, muscle building, conditioning and strength training for
athletes. Forløbene findes i tre forskellige størrelser: Small, Medium and Large depending on
your wishes and needs.


1 workout per week
  • Intro meeting
  • Pre- and post measurments
  • Custom made program
  • 800,- per session

I am always up for a challenge; if you wish for a smaller or a larger package do not hesitate to reach out. Lets setup a meeting, and we will discuss your needs. Let's set up a meeting, and we will discuss your needs. 
A training sessions last for 55 min. A training package with me requires for you to be a member of SHC Borups Allé

Training to achieve your goals

Health and self confidence

Weight loss and appearance are often a major focus in the fitness industry, and while it can, of course, be nice to lose a few pounds, it is more important that we focus on what a healthy lifestyle means to you. Together, we will find out what exercise can do for your life, perhaps it is increased mobility, reduced risk of long-term injury or simply strengthening your self-confidence.

In a typical health and self-confidence course, we focus on training the muscles throughout the body through varied and enjoyable strength training. I care a lot about meeting you where you are in your fitness journey. Therefore you can expect a tailor-made program that suits your needs. Whether you have never trained before or already have previous experience, we will do our best to develop a program to meet your goals.



Rehabilitation is your best tool to get your body back on track after injuries, surgeries or prolonged pain. I have experienced this myself with multiple injuries during my own swimming career. Regular targeted training of the surrounding small muscles was ultimately what got me back in top shape. In rehabilitation courses, we focus on appropriate and comfortable execution, so you can feel safe in motion again. Of course, we also integrate information from your potential doctors or physiotherapists, to ensure the best possible conditions. Whether you have previous training experience or are brand new to a gym, we strengthen your body back on track.


Building muscle

Do you dream of bigger muscles and a stronger body? Maybe you have already tried to build muscle before without success? When it comes to building muscle, some people find it easier to gain muscle mass than others; some are simply quicker to respond to strength training, while others are a little slower. That is why it is especially important that the program is tailored to you. In muscle building training sessions, we therefore focus on achieving your specific "muscle goals" through technique, exercises, and diet that create the best results for you.


Specific goals and tests

Do you have more specific needs when it comes to training? For example, do you have a desire to apply to the defense, emergency services or the police, but dread the physical tests? As an athlete, do you have special training needs in relation to flexibility, mobility or strength?

Let's lay out a concrete plan that ensures that you reach your goals.


Are you ready to get started?